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Everything starts from languages. My biggest hope is to accept promising young people from all over the world and to guide them to be the one who is going to be a bridge between their countries and Japan. Realize your dream with the strong will starting from acquire the Japanese language. One Purpose International Group will support you by all means. Let’s meet at our school where you can study well.

True meaning of studying abroad is to understand the culture and the custom of that country. If you can do that, you will success not only in your country but also in the world.
If you are interested in Japan, let’s make the first step from our school.

We are trying to do our best to offer the best circumstance. The school is placed in a quiet area and you can study in a small number education system with a homely atmosphere. Teachers guide you to enter a university or a graduated school and there are many school events to understand the Japanese culture. Please do your best to study Japanese here for your future.

 The important thing to study foreign language is to use it everyday. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and use what you learnt in your everyday life. That’s the best way to learn a language.
 Our mottos are Kindness and Politeness. We guide you to realize your dream. I’m looking forward the day we can spend time together at One Purpose International Academy.

 Hello everyone! I’ve been teaching at this school since 2009. The best thing of this school is the few people education system. The distance between the teachers and the students are close. Each of you can get a close guidance which is impossible in a big school and you can easily improve your language skill.
 I’ll do my best so let’s study and have fun together.

 We want to help you with your study and your lives in Japan. You can ask whatever because our school is very homely.
 Let’s study together. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

 You will have many chances to express your feeling and what you’re thinking in Japanese through classes and events. A student who couldn’t even introduce him/her self in April could express what s/he thought at the speech contest in July.
 I am sometimes impressed by those student and hope to be a help for them.

 You can learn not only Japanese but also culture through school events. Of course it is important to learn the language but I’m trying to communicate with students other occasion than classes to establish the reliance.

★I was able to grown by the school life and the earnest teachers.

 I was very worried about the study and the life before I came to Japan. However, while they teach me kindly everyday, my worries went away and was able to gain many knowledge.
 They also taught me about the entrance exams and interviews. They always listened to me when I was in trouble. Thanks to the teachers, I could able to enter the Kinki University.
 Remembering the time I spent this school, there are many good memories and I think it was a good chance to improve my skill. Thank you so much.
 Pease study at this school and make your dreams come true.

★Thank you teachers!

 I entered this school in the October, 2007 and had a great time with friends while studying Japanese.
 During I was studying here , I had a big accident when I was on a bicycle. I was hit by the ground and was unconscious for a while. I had to spend sometime in a hospital. I was so worried because I couldn’t communicate enough but teachers always came to see me and tried to make me not to worry. I recovered well thanks to the teachers.
 After that I studied hard to pass the JLPT level 2 and to enter the university. Now I’m majoring engineering in Setsunan University and having a good time.
 Thank you so much teachers at One Purpose International Academy!!

★I made my first step at One Purpose International Academy to my dream.

 I think it was the best decision to choose this school to study Japanese. The good thing of this school is the few people class system. Teachers guided us depend on the levels of each of us and it made me to improve my Japanese skill. When I had to decide which university to go, they thought seriously and gave me some good advices and also encouraged me very well. I still thank to them so much.
 I ‘d like you to study, get knowledge, have experiences at One Purpose International Academy with many friends. Then, let’s make the second step from here.

“Guide our students towards becoming globally minded people that posses knowledge of the Japanese culture and language”
We wish that by learning Japanese and communicating with Japanese people our students will one day become bridges between our countries. We hope that by meeting many people from various countries our students will globally minded people.
“Our school supports each of our students’ goals”
At “One Purpose International Academy”, we are doing our best to help you fulfill your dreams.

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